Academic Excellence Scholarship Program

Other Academic Excellence Scholarships

Valedictorian Scholarship

High school valedictorians that receive The State of Texas Valedictorian Scholarship and are admitted to UT Dallas are eligible for the AES Valedictorian Scholarship. The State of Texas Valedictorian Scholarship will be applied to the first two regular semesters following high school graduation.

  • The AES Valedictorian Scholarship provides complete coverage of UT Dallas tuition and mandatory fees for the six subsequent and continuous semesters (three academic years) after The State of Texas Valedictorian Scholarship has been applied.
  • To receive this scholarship, students must provide the AES Program office (located in FO 2.710) a copy of the original valedictorian certificate that is issued to them by the Texas Education Agency on behalf of their accredited Texas high school by August 1 (prior to their first fall semester). Students must also provide the original valedictorian certificate to the Office of Financial Aid for processing.
  • To receive this scholarship, students must also meet the AES academic requirements during their first year at UT Dallas. Students who have submitted their certificate to the AES Program and met the AES academic requirements will be contacted about receiving the AES Valedictorian Scholarship at the conclusion of their first academic year.
  • Students who qualify for an AES award of higher value than the Valedictorian Scholarship may elect to receive the scholarship of higher value. The State of Texas Valedictorian Scholarship will still be applied towards tuition and fees for the first two semesters.

Continuing Student Scholarship

All current UT Dallas students, including those already receiving an AES, can compete for the AES Continuing Student Scholarships if they have completed at least 30 credit hours, having completed a minimum of 15 hours at UT Dallas, and possess above a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Priority consideration will be given to students who have completed between 30 and 60 credit hours.

  • The Continuing Student Scholarship is highly competitive and amounts are determined by availability of funding.
  • Applicants must submit the Continuing Student Application by June 1.
  • Applicants will be notified of award decisions by July 31.