The Office of Undergraduate Education

Appeal for Exception to Academic Policy

Use the Appeal for Exception to Academic Policy form to appeal or petition any special exception to existing policies. It is the student’s responsibility to submit all information in a timely manner and to be aware of any and all deadlines that could be affected by the decision.


  1. Students should complete the Appeal for Exception to Academic Policy form with an explanation of the circumstances to be considered for exceptional consideration.
  2. Any supporting materials that the student believes relevant and would like the Office of Undergraduate Education to consider should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the form.
  3. The completed form, an unofficial transcript,and any additional supporting materials should be submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Education (UT Dallas Office FO 2.710) for consideration.


  1. The student will receive written notification of the Office of Undergraduate Education’s decision within 10 working days after submission of a completed appeal.
  2. Notification will be provided via e-mail to the student’s UTDallas e-mail address. If the student does not have an active UT Dallas e-mail address, a letter will be mailed to the address provided on the form.


  1. Any appeal of the Dean of Undergraduate Education’s decision is in accordance with the policies identified in the UT Dallas Undergraduate Catalog. (Please consult the UT Dallas Undergraduate Catalog for more information).

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