The Office of Undergraduate Education

Comet Cents Team Members

Comet Cents Team Members are peer financial coaches who help fellow students reach financial stability and independence. The financial coaches are trained and certified in personal finance.

Nithyaa Kodarapu

Nithyaa Kodarapu is a sophomore computer science major. She enjoys designing Comet Cents’ graphics and making Powerpoints. In her free time, she likes reading, crochet, and embroidery.

Bharath Annapareddy

Bharath Annapareddy is a sophomore finance major. He believes that financial literacy is crucial knowledge, especially for college students. In his free time, he likes playing tennis, and he also plays the piano. He looks forward to working with the Comet Cents team to educate others on financial topics.

Alina Tieu

Alina Tieu is a senior Finance major aspiring to work in the corporate risk sector. She joined the Comet Cents Money Management Center in Spring 2022. Since first learning about financial literacy in her sophomore year of college, she hopes to share this knowledge and raise more awareness as it should be readily accessible to everyone. During her free time, Alina enjoys embroidering, journaling, and skateboarding.

Michael Zhu

Michael Zhu is a junior ITSS major with an accounting minor, aspiring to be a consultant upon graduation. He joined Comet Cents Money Management Center in Spring 2021 and believes that financial literacy is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. That being financial literate is the first step to satisfying your basic needs and pursuing your passions. His hobbies include reading fantasy books and taking care of his pet rabbit.