The Office of Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education Office Personnel

Complete listings of OUE staff in the following offices can be found on departmental webpages:

General Contacts

Jessica C. Murphy

Dean of Undergraduate Education

Courtney Brecheen

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

John Jackson

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Advising

Shelley D. Lane

Associate Dean, Freshman Seminar and First Year Leader programs

Daname Lucas

Administrative Assistant II

Jach L. Ross

Business Manager

Lisa Sunderland

Admin Services Officer I

Cathy Van Noy

Administrative Assistant II

Undergraduate Programs

Hillary Beauchamp Campbell

Assistant Director

Hilary Roush Freeman

Program Specialist I

Undergraduate Success Scholars Program

Kimberly Edwards

Assistant Director

Dixiana Chavez

Program Specialist I

Resource Connections and Academic Outreach

Angela Scoggins

Associate Director, Academic Outreach

Undergraduate Advising

Amanda Montgomery

Assistant Director

Eric Welgehausen

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Advising

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