Health Professions Advising Center

Services for Applicants

HPAC supports health professions applicants in the year before their applications.

Questions? See the FAQ (below).

Complete the steps in order.
EY2024 HPAC Support Timeline.

  1. Application Brainstormcomplete this early to optimize every step of the application process
  2. Personal Statement Workshopuse this to quickly write optimized application essays
    • In-person workshop: 3-5 pm Oct 4, SLC 1.204. Other dates to come.
  3. Register online after Oct 1 to receive…
    • Bio Form EY2024, by automated e-mail.
    • Free professional photography on Nov 4, Nov 10, Jan 24, and Jan 26. Register here.
    • Clearinghouse servicesHPAC collects your rec letters

      Give each writer the Letter of Evaluation Form. Writers e-mail their letters to

      Medical and dental applicants can choose to use HPAC’s clearinghouse service OR enter their letter writers’ names directly in the application services in summer.

      Professions other than medical and dental do not accept letter packets. Applicants enter writers’ names directly in the application services in summer.

  4. E-mail your completed Bio Form EY2024 to to receive...
    • Assigned HPAC advisor.
    • Professional revisions of your Bio Form and essays.
    • Candid assessment of your candidacy.
    • Guidance on selecting rec letter writers.
    • Guidance on optimizing your candidacy.
    • Submit Oct 1 – Dec 15 to be eligible for Step 5.
  5. E-mail your fully advisor-revised Bio Form EY2024 to your HPAC advisor by Feb 28 to receive interviews. ← First ready, first served. Space is limited.
    • Additionally requires: 3.4 UTD GPA and science GPA.
  6. Complete interviews to receive a committee evaluation First ready, first served. Space is limited.
    • Additionally requires: updated Bio Form e-mailed to between May 15-31.
    • Additionally requires: MCAT ≥504 (subsections ≥124) or DAT ≥18 (subsections ≥16).

To complete your evaluation, the HPE Committee needs your rec letters and test scores. After JULY 15, students who are missing rec letters or a qualifying test score can still use HPAC’s advising and clearinghouse services but cannot receive a committee evaluation.


  • When do I apply to professional school?

    In summer before the year you hope to enter. Applicants for EY 2024 apply in summer 2023—usually late May or early June. Over the next two semesters, professional schools conduct interviews and offer acceptances. During that time, HPAC will help you to strengthen your application in case you need to reapply the next summer.

  • When do I take admissions tests?

    After you’ve prepared for it, and not before. Director Rainey’s Recommended MCAT Prep offers some tips.

    HPAC recommends that you prepare to take admissions tests by May-June of the year you apply.

  • When do I ask for recommendation letters?

    If you DON’T plan to use HPAC’s clearinghouse service, writers will submit their letters directly to the application services in summer. This is the required option for most health professions.

    If you plan to use HPAC’s clearinghouse services--available to medical and dental applicants, and required for committee evaluation in summer--give each writer a Letter of Evaluation Form, usually in spring, along with your revised Biographical Form. Writers send their letters to using that form as a coversheet. Committee evaluations require all letters by July 15.

  • Do I need 5 recommendation letters?

    Most professions ask for 3 letters from writers who know you well and can speak from experience as to your competencies. If you have significant research, teaching, or employment experiences, ask your supervisor. Some schools demand at least one letter from a faculty member. Some schools demand a letter from a healthcare professional (i.e. many dental schools require a recommendation from a dentist). HPAC’s clearinghouse service can collect up to 5 letters into a “letter packet”, but only medical and dental schools regularly accept letter packets. A 4th or 5th letter is only useful if it highlights qualities or experiences not addressed by the first 3 letters.

  • Can I use old recommendation letters?

    Letters supporting an application for EY 2024 should be dated no earlier than May 1 2022. Some wiggle room may be possible for students who complete the HPE process.

    If the letter was written before May 1 2022, contact the writer to request an updated letter.

  • How helpful is a committee letter?

    Very helpful in some cases, because a committee evaluation can help readers to understand experiences or qualities that aren’t reflected elsewhere in your applications. While revising your Biographical Form, your assigned advisor can help you decide whether it would help you more to apply with a committee letter or apply earlier without one.

  • How do I receive a committee letter?

    Follow the steps above in order, from 1-6. Note that steps 5 and 6 have performance thresholds and limited seating. The first students ready to receive those services will fill the seats: “first ready, first served.”

    An applicant who completes step 4 (Bio Form) after Dec 15 is ineligible for step 5 (Bio form revisions), even if seats remain open at that time.

    An applicant who completes step 5 (Bio form revisions) after Feb 28 is ineligible for step 6 (interviews), even if seats remain open at that time.

    An applicant who completes step 6 (interviews) after May 31 is ineligible for committee evaluation, even if seats remain open at that time.

    An applicant who receives a committee evaluation seat cannot complete that process unless they update their Bio Form between May 15 and May 31, earn a qualifying test score by July 15, and receive all recommendation letters by July 15.

  • I qualified for HPE last year and met the deadlines. Can I participate this year?

    YES. Follow steps 1-6 in order. You may finish the steps very quickly, using your previous years’ brainstorm, essays, and Bio Form as a guide.