Health Professions Advising Center

Services for Applicants

HPAC supports health professions applicants in the year before their applications.

Questions? See the FAQ (below) or join one of our live Q&A sessions: 9/29 Q&A recording or 10/8 2pm

Accessing HPAC Support, step-by-step

Services begin Oct 1, but you can start at any time.
Complete the steps in order.
Some services (*) have limited seats and rolling admissions.

  1. Application Brainstorm ← complete this early to speed up every step of the process
  2. Personal Statement Workshop ← use this to quickly write optimized application essays
  3. Register Online (3 min) to receive:
    • Bio Form EY 2023
    • e-mail updates from HPAC
    • free businesslike portraits
    • “clearinghouse services” for medical and dental applicants:
      • Give each writer the Letter of Evaluation Form
      • Regular e-mails tell you when we received each letter
      • In summer, HPAC compiles a packet of up to 5 rec letters (bypassing the usual limit of 3) when you submit a Packet Mailing Request.
      • Packets are usually uploaded next-day to schools you designate
      • “Why only med/dent?” Other app services require letters directly from the writers
  4. E-mail your completed Bio Form EY 2023 to to receive
    • Assigned HPAC advisor
    • Professional revisions of your Bio Form and essays
    • Candid assessment of your candidacy
    • Guidance on selecting rec letter writers
    • Guidance on optimizing your candidacy
  5. E-mail your fully advisor-revised Bio Form EY 2023 to your HPAC advisor to receive:
    • The window to initiate these services was open from Oct 1 2021 to Feb 28 2022.
    • HPE interviews*
    • Committee evaluation (aka “committee letter”, “HPE process”)*
      • A committee evaluation aims to help professional schools to evaluate you, by adding UT Dallas context and multiple viewpoints on your candidacy.
      • The committee evaluates applicants in order of when HPAC receives your interview notes, rec letters, and test scores.
      • To receive a committee evaluation further requires
        • UTD GPA >3.4, UTD science GPA >3.4
        • Oct 1-Feb 28 : revise Bio Form with advisor
        • Feb 1-May 27: Interview with UTD faculty/staff
        • May 15-May 30: Bio Form updated to include spring classes/activities
        • May 1 (of previous year)-July 15: all rec letters received by HPAC
          • May 1 (of previous year)-July 15: MCAT or DAT score received by HPAC
          • MCAT minimum: 504, with no subscore under 124
          • DAT minimum: 18 Academic Average, with no subscore under 16.

* Interviews and HPE process have limited seats and rolling admissions – just like professional schools!
Early submitters will fill the seats – just like professional schools!