Health Professions Advising Center

Instructions to Join and Complete HPE and Other Services – Entry Year 2023

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If you did not complete the HPE requirements last year:

  1. Complete the Guided Brainstorm and Personal Statement Workshop. Available now!
  2. Online Registration Register online here, and we’ll send you a Biographical Form EY 2023 to complete. It mimics the TMDSAS application.
  3. Complete Biographical Form EY 2023. It’s a long form including 3 short essays, but completing it goes quickly if you did the Guided Brainstorm and Personal Statement Workshop.
  4. Submit your Bio Form, per the instructions on its last page. If it’s complete, HPAC will assign you an advisor. We’ll also add all qualifying medical and dental students (see the green box, below) to the HPE process, which leads to interviews and committee letters, until all seats are filled. If you qualify but no seats remain when you submit your Bio Form, we’ll add you to the HPE waitlist.
    Whether you use HPE or not, you can (and should!) use HPAC’s 12 other services. Those include revising your Bio Form—the most valuable service for strengthening your application—and clearinghouse (letter collection) services for medical and dental applicants.
  5. In any case, we will e-mail you to revise your Biographical Form and help you to craft strong essays and select letter writers.
  6. Request recommendation letters between now and March. Students using HPAC’s HPE or clearinghouse services should give each writer the Letter of Evaluation Form; writers send their letters to HPAC.
    Students not using those services do not need the Letter of Evaluation Form; writers send their letters directly to the application services in summer.

If you completed all the HPE requirements last year:

  1. You received a 8/13/21 e-mail titled “FYI: auto-registration for HPE.” DO NOT re-register, re-do any workshops or interviews, complete a new Biographical Form, or meet with an advisor at this time.
  2. We’ll e-mail you in March 2022 about updating your Biographical Form. If you reapply to medical or dental schools, you can receive a committee letter.


To begin HPE requires

  • Submit your complete Biographical Form EY 2023 to HPAC, or have completed the HPE requirements last year. Seating for first-time participants is limited
  • >3.4 UTD GPA and UTD science GPA
  • at least 15 UT Dallas credits by the end of fall ‘21
  • which must include at least 2 O.Chem or upper-division bioscience courses.

To complete HPE for the first time requires

  • revise your Bio Form with your assigned advisor and submit by Feb 28
  • conduct an interview that we assign you between Feb 1 and May 27
  • update your Bio Form by May 30, 2022 to include spring activities and grades
  • submit all rec letters to HPAC by July 15
  • receive a qualifying MCAT or DAT score by July 15
    • 504 MCAT with no subscore under 124
    • 18 DAT AA with no subscore under 16

Doyen Rainey
Interim Director
Health Professions Advising Center (HPAC)
The University of Texas at Dallas