Health Professions Advising Center

Health Professions Advising Center Forms

All forms and handouts produced by HPAC are listed below in downloadable formats.

Pre-Health Starter Kit

Required classes and competencies, and professional support through the Health Professions Advising Center.

Forms for Applicants

  • Prewrite - Complete this to complete the Bio Form, essays, and applications much more quickly.
  • Letter of Evaluation Form - If you’re a medical or dental applicant using HPAC’s clearinghouse or Health Professions Evaluation services, give this form to each letter writer.
  • Packet Mailing Request – Once HPAC’s info update e-mails show all your rec letters have arrived at HPAC, and after you’ve started all medical or dental applications, submit this Packet Mailing Request that tells HPAC what letters to put in your packet, and where to send it.
  • GPA Calculator

Applicant services are here.