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In order to lessen the potential impacts of the omicron variant, President Benson is making adjustments to university operations for the start of the semester. Pre-Law Advising services will not be interrupted. All appointments and events will continue in a virtual format until further notice.

Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with The Pre-Law Advising Center - we are available virtually to discuss all things Pre-Law!

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We at the Pre-Law Advising Center are here to help you make informed decisions about your preparation for law school and a legal career. Although Pre-Law is not a major and we cannot do your degree planning or register you for classes, we can offer guidance for pre-law students from your first year at UT Dallas, through the law school application process and on to your eventual matriculation to law school. Our services are available to all current UT Dallas students and alumni, and those students involved in the Comet Connection program.

The Pre-Law Advising Center offers a variety of services and programs tailored to your stage in the application process. We offer various workshops on topics of interest to pre-law students as well as speakers from throughout the legal practice spectrum, an Innocence Project seminar and three nationally-recognized advocacy programs. Additionally, we are always happy to meet with students for individual counseling sessions. Please see our contact information on the Contact Pre-Law Advising Center page.

Why Work With Our Office?

How Can We Help?

Academic and Pre-professional Advising

  • Discuss intellectual and personal interests to determine if law school is a good choice
  • Recommend classes that can develop skills helpful for law school and legal practice.  To register for classes, please visit the academic advisor in your major.
  • Offer resources and information about the law school experience
  • Advise you about LSAT preparation, timing of your test administration or retaking the test, if necessary
  • Recommend extracurricular activities or internship opportunities that may enrich your undergraduate experience and inform your career choices

Law School Application Preparation

  • Explain application procedures, including LSAT and CAS registration
  • Help you devise an application strategy, including where to apply
  • Help you narrow your choices and request letters of recommendation that will round out your application
  • Advise applicants about compiling a cohesive, complete application
  • Brainstorm ideas for personal statements and offer feedback
  • Suggest addenda where appropriate

Assistance After Applying to Law School

  • Advise students about how to communicate with law schools to get the information they need about their application and/or financial aid status
  • Help with waitlist letters or letters of continued interest
  • Advise students about evaluating multiple admissions and/or scholarship offers
  • Help students navigate the financial aid process
  • Advise unsuccessful applicants on a reapplication strategy