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Student Research Resources

UT Dallas offers a variety of research opportunities and resources. Engaging in research as an undergraduate has academic, personal, and professional benefits. Research activities enhance analytical and critical thinking skills, which prepare undergraduates for the rigors of their profession or graduate studies. Learning how to practically apply academic concepts, discovering how to work independently, and experiencing how to function successfully as a team member are other benefits many students attribute to participating in undergraduate research activities. Exploring a discipline through research also allows students to make informed decisions about the career they wish to pursue. The Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) provides a variety of research event opportunities and other resources to assist both prospective and current undergraduate researchers. To learn more about graduate level research and graduate student experiences, undergraduates are also encouraged to review events offered by the Office of Graduate Studies during the week of April 17 through April 21, 2017.

Undergraduate Research Events

Each year, the Office of Undergraduate Education hosts the Exhibition of Excellence in Undergraduate Research (EEUR). This weeklong event provides undergraduate students with tools to learn more about research opportunities, to receive recognition for research related accomplishments, and to compete for valuable research awards.

Faculty/Transfer Student Research Mixer

This event allows transfer students wishing to engage in undergraduate research the opportunity to network with faculty researchers. Refreshments will be available, and attendees should prepare to learn more about the undergraduate research culture at UT Dallas.

Faculty/Transfer Student Research Mixer
Monday, April 16, 2018
ECSS 3.503

Undergraduate Research Faculty/Student Research Panel

Undergraduate students and faculty researchers share their research experiences, tips on competing for research programs and fellowships, and strategies for obtaining the ideal research position.

Undergraduate Research Faculty/Student Research Panel
Monday, April 16, 2018
TI Auditorium, ECSS 2.102

Research Resume Workshop

Students receive valuable advice on how to prepare a scientific/research-oriented resume or to strengthen an existing research resume. The workshop, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Education and the UT Dallas Career Center, also covers best practices for approaching the research interview and guides students in preparing their best presentation during Undergraduate Research Match Day.

Research Resume Workshop
Monday, April 16, 2018
TI Auditorium, ECSS 2.102

Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards Poster Contest and Undergraduate Research Symposium

Current recipients of the Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards discuss their research with event attendees, utilizing a research poster and their in-person research presentation skills. Research faculty members select two semifinalists per academic discipline, all of whom advance to the final round of judging. The three final winners are selected by members of the external research community.

Public presentation of research through poster presentations is an important component of an undergraduate student's research journey. Undergraduate students engaging in research projects at UT Dallas are invited to showcase their research experiences to a larger audience by participating in the 2018 UT Dallas Undergraduate Research Symposium poster event. All research disciplines and undergraduate academic groups are represented during the Symposium, and participants enjoy the opportunity to speak in-person to members of the internal and external UT Dallas community about the significance of their work. Applicants must submit the Undergraduate Research Symposium Poster Proposal form by Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

Undergraduate Research Scholar Awards Poster Contest and Undergraduate Research Symposium
Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Visitor's Center Atrium

Undergraduate Research Match Day

The Match Day event is open to all students and is designed to facilitate the process of pairing motivated undergraduates with faculty who are conducting research projects. Students who participate gain valuable research experience that contributes to future success professionally or in graduate school. Faculty who engage undergraduates in research enhance grant applications by demonstrating mentorship while receiving quality researchers.

How to prepare for Match Day:

  • Create or update your resume and bring multiple copies to the event.
  • Prepare questions regarding what type of work the faculty member needs assistance with, the number of hours expected, and the work environment (for example, will you work in a lab where you will be expected to wear long sleeves and closed toe shoes?).
  • Dress professionally and be prepared to articulate your qualifications.

Undergraduate Research Match Day 2018
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Visitor's Center Atrium

Next Steps in Undergraduate Research

You've polished your research resume, received "insider" information from faculty and student researchers, and conquered Undergraduate Research Match Day. So, now what??? This session will guide aspiring undergraduate researchers through the next steps of following-up with prospective faculty research mentors. Topics include best practices for exploring a faculty researcher's past and current research projects and published works, as well as tips for perfecting your professional communication skills. Refreshments will be provided.

Next Steps in Undergraduate Research
Thursday, April 19, 2018
TI Auditorium, ECSS 2.102

The Exley Lunch-and-Learn Information Session

UT Dallas Undergraduate Researchers are encouraged to attend and learn more about publishing their work in The Exley, UT Dallas’ undergraduate research journal. Staff from The Exley will provide information on proposal submission, criteria for inclusion and leadership opportunities on The Exley Student Team

The Exley Lunch-and-Learn Information Session
Friday, April 20, 2018
Founders 2nd Floor Atrium

RSVP for lunch required

Provost’s Award for Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring

The Office of Undergraduate Education and The Office of the Provost are pleased to annually recognize an outstanding UT Dallas faculty member who excels in his or her undergraduate research mentoring efforts. The Provost’s Award for Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring seeks to formally acknowledge a faculty mentor who demonstrates superior leadership, support and guidance toward the development of UT Dallas undergraduate students and their research endeavors. The awarded faculty member receives a one-time cash award and recognition during the Spring Honors Convocation Ceremony. Announcement of the winner takes place during the annual Exhibition of Excellence in Undergraduate Research. Past winners are Dr. Jonathan Ploski, Dr. Ryan McMahan, Dr. Sven Kroener, Dr. Paul Pantano, and Dr. Mihaela Stefan

Prospective Undergraduate Researchers

Before pursuing an undergraduate research opportunity, the Office of Undergraduate Education (OUE) recommends that students consider the following:

  • Time commitment
  • Personal research interest(s)
  • Academic preparation

Balancing research activities with academics and extracurricular activities can be difficult. In order to have the most rewarding experience possible, students should carefully plan their schedule to accommodate for the time commitment necessary to participate in research and fulfill the expectations of their faculty mentors.

Prior to committing to a research program or project, students should examine what research truly interests them. The OUE recommends examining Research Explorer and the work that is being conducted within UT Dallas research centers.

Students should also prepare themselves academically before conducting research in particular areas. For example, students who are interested in computer science research may enroll in courses that introduce programming fundamentals and C++. After students have organized their schedule to accommodate research activities and identified their area of interest, the next step is to find a faculty research mentor. Prospective undergraduate researchers are encouraged to attend the annual Undergraduate Research Match Day Event to explore available research positions. If a student is unable to obtain a research position as a result of Match Day, they may email for further assistance.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

There are several summer research programs, scholarships, and contests open to undergraduate researchers at UT Dallas. From fellowships offered at off-campus locations to the opportunity to publish your research work, UT Dallas has a variety of forums for undergraduates to participate in and showcase their research.

Research Publications

The Exley, UT Dallas Undergraduate Research Journal

Scholarships and Contests

Patti Henry Pinch Scholarship
Undergraduate Research Scholar Award Program

Summer Research for Academic Excellence Scholarship Recipients

Clark Summer Research Program

Other Research Programs

Pre-Health Summer Research and Academic Enrichment Programs
UT Southwestern Green Fellowship
Bill Archer Fellow Program for Undergraduates

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