The Exley, Volume 7 Call for Proposals The Office of Undergraduate Education

The Exley - Volume 7 - Call for Proposals

Spring 2019

The deadline for Volume 7 proposals is September 27, 2019.

Initial proposals should be 500 words or less. See the information below for guidelines for submitting Analytical Research and Creative proposals.

Please note: Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Students whose proposals are approved should be prepared to submit full article submissions within approximately one month, at the minimum, depending on their submission date. The final work should be between 1,000 and 2,500 words.

Guidelines for Submission

All UT Dallas undergraduate students currently enrolled at the university may submit proposals. Submissions may be analytical (involving quantitative research or qualitative analysis) or creative (artistic). Students should use the following guidelines as their checklist when preparing a proposal.

Submitting Analytical Work

Submit proposals using the Exley Issue 7 Research Submission Proposal Form by September 27, 2019.

Proposals should be 500 words or less.

Students should focus on the research design and methods (including descriptions of special research techniques) rather than details of their project that may be sensitive or confidential. Successful researchers have the ability to articulate research activities and findings through written communication in a manner that is understandable by experts in their field and non-experts. Proposals should be written so that they captivate the interest of a diverse academic and non-academic audience. Submissions should be of high quality but should be comprehensible to non-specialists.

Proposals must include the following:

  • Descriptive title
  • Subject and purpose
  • Statement of why the research is important within its field
  • Definitions of technical terms
  • List or description of topics that would be included in the full article, if selected
  • Photographs, graphics and charts should be provided in separate files. Photos should be high resolution (300 dpi or greater) and should be accompanied by a photo caption, identifying the people therein from left to right. Photo releases must be on file prior to publication. Please note that graphics are not required for proposal submission and may be provided upon submission of full content at a later time.

All submissions must adhere to these guidelines or they will not be accepted.

Submitting Creative Work

Creative works of photography or poetry can be submitted to The Exley for inclusion in the sixth issue.

Submit proposals to by September 27, 2019.

  • Subject line should read: Exley Submission
  • A sidebar of 500 words or less should be attached as a Word document in 12" Arial font, double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides
  • The creative work should be attached as a .jpg file or sent as a file sharing link (preferably

Sidebars must include the following:

  • Title
  • Why you chose this form of expression. This section should provide the reader insight into your influences and creative process.
  • Name and department of the faculty member involved with the project (if applicable) or class. The Office of Undergraduate Education will contact the appropriate faculty member regarding the proposal before approving the proposal.

All submissions must adhere to these guidelines or they will not be accepted.

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