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Freshman Mentor Program

The mission of the Freshman Mentor Program is to increase academic engagement, involvement in the campus community, and Comet spirit while assisting freshmen with the transition to college life. In the Freshman Mentor Program, incoming freshman are provided a personal mentor that will meet with them regularly during their first two semesters at UT Dallas. The mentors in the program are successful undergraduates prepared to engage freshmen in campus activities and refer them to resources that can help them achieve their academic and personal goals. Freshman students who participate in the program benefit heavily from having a personal connection with someone on campus who can provide extra academic and social guidance. Our statistical analysis reveals that this connection positively impacts academic achievement with Freshmen who receive a mentor during their first semester at UT Dallas. The Freshman Mentor Program Coordination Team works with a select group of engaged freshman and mentor leaders on the creation of program events and opportunities for all participants.

"Meeting other scholars as a freshman provided immediate opportunities to network and learn more about UT Dallas and what organizations I might be interested in joining on campus."
— Past Freshman Participant, Class of 2016

"As both a mentee and mentor, I have learned many important qualities from the mentorship program. My mentor has been a strong factor in my transition from high school to college, and I was the same for my mentee."
— Past Freshman Participant, Class of 2016

"My college experience was positively impacted by having a mentor I could confide in and ask for help my freshman year, and by being able to guide and offer support to a freshman my sophomore year."
— Past Participant, Class of 2018

Requesting a Freshman Mentor

If you are interested in having a mentor during your first semester at UT Dallas, please submit the Request a Mentor Form. Mentors are assigned to a select percentage of incoming students depending upon the number of available mentors. It is important that incoming freshmen submit the form themselves.

Request a Freshman Mentor

Request a mentor by submitting the Request a Mentor Form.

  • If you are assigned a mentor, you will be contacted via email.
  • The deadline to request a Freshman Mentor is July 31, 2017. This deadline is subject to change and mentor requests will be fulfilled according to mentor availability.

Click here for the Request a Mentor Form

Becoming a Freshman Mentor

Successful and engaged UT Dallas undergraduates are encouraged to apply for the opportunity to mentor an incoming freshman. Being a mentor provides valuable experience for students who seek to develop their communication and leadership skills.

Apply to Become a Freshman Mentor

If you would like to mentor an incoming freshman during the fall semester, complete and submit the Freshman Mentor Program Application (Mentors Only).

Mentors must possess a cumulative GPA above a 3.0. Students selected to serve as mentors for the 2017-2018 academic year must complete a series of online training modules by August 30, 2017. In addition, potential mentors must attend an in-person orientation session, offered on April 21 or the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester. Program staff will enroll all mentors selected for the program in the UNIV 2074/3074/4074 (University Engagement and Applied Leadership) course for the fall 2017 semester, and in a follow-up course for the Spring 2018 semester UNIV 2075/3075/4075. These courses are both 0 credit hour classes, allowing program participation to be reflected on the academic transcript. Mentors are not required to attend structured class meetings, but the program does require that participants attend a once per month small group session. Participating mentors may sign up for these sessions based on the availability of their schedule. Additional mentor requirements are found on the Freshman Mentor Program Application.

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