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UT Dallas Freshman Theme and Reader

The University of Texas at Dallas is committed to providing its students with a vibrant, intellectually challenging, and integrated learning experience.

UT Dallas 2014 Freshman Theme

The academic theme for the Class of 2018, Service Matters, serves as a foundation for encouraging UT Dallas students, faculty, and staff in service to their various communities. We believe that instilling the value of service to the community accomplishes the following goals:

  • The UT Dallas brand is synonymous with academic quality and high integrity.
  • Individuals affiliated with UT Dallas realize not only professional and intellectual success, but also the development of a complex and compassionate world view.
  • Students attending and graduating from UT Dallas cultivate a sense of intrinsic fulfillment, coupled with the extrinsic impact of helping others.
  • UT Dallas faculty and staff mobilize and engage in service efforts to positively impact the campus culture.

The freshman reader, University Convocation ceremony, fall freshman seminar course, campus-wide service events, and eventual integration of the theme into academics work together to assimilate the Service Matters theme and ideology into the everyday vernacular of the UT Dallas environment.

UT Dallas 2014 Freshman Reader

Blake MycoskieThe freshman reader, required reading for all Class of 2018 incoming and transfer students, is Start Something That Matters, by Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes. Incoming freshman and transfer students will receive a personal copy of the freshman reader, along with a Class of 2018 Service Matters tee-shirt, during freshman orientation.

Please contact for more information, or if you are an incoming freshman/transfer student and did not receive a book and tee-shirt.

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