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About Us

The Graduation Help Desk is a one-stop resource within the Office of Undergraduate Education designed to help undergraduates overcome obstacles to a timely graduation.

Specifically, the Graduation Help Desk supports faculty, staff, and students by developing solutions to complex academic and non-academic issues that could adversely impact a student’s academic performance, sense of belonging, or path to graduation.

Equipped to promote student success from entry to completion, the Graduation Help Desk can support undergraduate students at any point in their academic career.

Campus Collaborations

Any member of the UT Dallas community can contact the Graduation Help Desk for assistance. The Help Desk regularly collaborates with a variety of offices across campus, including the Dean of Students Office, Military and Veterans Center, Student Counseling Services, school advisors and associate deans, the Office of the Registrar, and Residential Life.

Our Process

Group Created with Sketch. 1. Faculty, staff, or student contacts Graduation Help Desk. 2. Graduation Help Desk consults with different campus offices to determine solution. 3. Graduation Help Desk contacts appropriate parties regarding possible solution and action plan. 4. Graduation Help Desk provides updates and follow-up as necessary.

Student Resources

This section contains a collection of resources useful for students. Additional questions can be addressed by emailing

Graduation Help Desk Overview for Students

The video provides an overview about how the Graduation Help Desk is a one-stop works with faculty and staff who identify undergraduate students in need of assistance with academic and non-academic issues that could adversely impact academic performance, belonging, persistence, or completion.

Help Desk Checklist for Students

Contact your advisor in your college or school. Advisors can answer most questions. This is an important step because processes can vary from school to school, and advisors are the most knowledgeable resources about specific degree requirements.
Consult UT Dallas' Resources for Study and Campus Life
Submit a request for a personalized list of recommended resources
Still have questions? Contact us:

Faculty and Staff Resources

This section contains a collection of resources useful for faculty and staff. Additional questions from faculty and staff can be addressed by emailing

Early Alert Overview for Faculty and Staff

This video describes how faculty can use the Early Alert function in the course roster section of the Orion Faculty Center. Students may be referred to the Dean of Students or the Graduation Help Desk.

General Student Referrals

Students may also be referred to the Graduation Help Desk via email. Please send referrals directly to

Presentation Request

The Graduation Help Desk is available to present at faculty or staff meetings, as well as students during class. Thus, you are welcome to submit a presentation request. The Graduation Help Desk will conduct an informative presentation designed to give your audience an overview of our services as well as information relevant to your audience.

Graduation Help Desk Presentation Request Form

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Virtual/Phone Appointment: Graduation Help Desk Bookings
TAWK: Live Chat every Friday from 10am – 12 noon