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Resource Connections

Resource Connections is a one-stop referral and support service for non-emergency academic issues. We can assist with referrals to a variety of resources to help you find success as a UT Dallas student.

If you need answers to questions we can help point you in the right direction and connect you with the right people on campus.

Examples of Student Questions and Assistance Needs

  • I am a new freshman and a bit nervous about campus life and course work.
  • I missed a few classes and I am embarrassed to return to class.
  • I am not sure how to study for certain classes and I need advice.
  • How can I balance my schedule and time?
  • Can Resource Connections identify campus resources that will help me move in the right direction?

For a list of useful student resources please visit the Resources for Study and Campus Life.

Making an Appointment

Schedule your appointment for assistance and let us help you. If you do not see an available time that fits in your schedule contact or call 972-883-2288.

Please complete the Student Assistance Request Form or make an appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

Student Academic Outreach

The Office of Undergraduate Education reaches out to students who are not meeting academic expectations to help them to improve their academic success. The program will assist students to identify their academic issues and refer them to appropriate resources on campus.

How do I get referred?
A student is identified by an instructor, advisor, or staff with concern that the student may be experiencing academic difficulties. The student will not be disciplined, but rather connected with the appropriate campus resources.

Does being referred to the Academic Outreach Program become part of a student's academic record?
No, the information will not become part of your academic record.

Faculty Academic Outreach

The Office of Undergraduate Education's Academic Outreach Early Alert Program is a collaborative partnership with faculty and/or staff to reach students who are not meeting academic expectations.

Does being referred to the Academic Outreach Early Alert Program mean that a student is failing a course?
It does not necessarily mean a student is failing. Faculty and/or staff may refer students if there is concern regarding the student's academic progress and success in class.

When is a student referred?
A student can be referred at any time. However, an early alert system is designed to resolve potential problems before they hinder the student's academic success. Please contact us within the first few weeks of each semester (fall through summer).

How do I refer a student?
Please contact Angela Scoggins, Associate Director, Academic Outreach, at or call 972-883-2288.

Is my referral confidential?
Yes. Students are not told which person referred them. We contact students directly asking if they would like assistance. The program is not mandatory.

Community Outreach

Since there are many community college transfer students from geographically diverse areas who plan to transfer to UT Dallas and other North Texas four-year higher education institutions, UT Dallas proposes to serve as a leader in initiating a working group and conference series among Texas postsecondary institutions to improve the students' transition from community colleges to four-year universities. The early alert and student success system is designed to create conversations focusing on student success (rather than admissions or articulation agreements) among community colleges and universities. We are interested in creating early-alert best practices to assist transfer students. Please join us in developing an early-alert program in North Texas.

Early Alert Partnership Conferences

Early Alert Partnership and Conference Series Task Force Form

Contact Us

Telephone: 972-883-2288

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