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UT Dallas VolunTIER Program

The UT Dallas VolunTIER program rewards UT Dallas students whose contributions to the University community go beyond academic achievement. In an effort to continuously cultivate undergraduate commitment to Service Matters, the VolunTIER program recognizes students for their service and academic achievements both at the conclusion of each semester and at graduation through the Dean's Service Milestone Recognition and Service Honors. The Dean's Service Milestone Recognition and Service Honors are two separate programs that have different eligibility and requirements. A student can receive Dean's Service Milestone Recognition on a semester basis based on hours of service completed within one long semester, while the Service Honor distinction would be received upon graduation, celebrating the student's culmination of service during their academic career at UT Dallas.

Dean's Service Milestone Recognition

The Dean of Undergraduate Education will recognize students who demonstrate their ability to serve the Comet community and community at large during each long semester (fall or spring) while maintaining a high grade point average. Each student who meets the eligibility criteria will receive a letter from the Dean at the conclusion of the semester. While this recognition is not noted on a student's official transcript, students are encouraged to include this honor on their resumes.

  • Milestone Recognition Process
  • Milestone Recognition Eligibility Details

VolunTIER Service Honors

Between applying for graduation and the last day of classes for their graduating semester, seniors who have documented the required number of service hours each semester, meet the GPA thresholds, and have completed (or are on track to complete) a minimum of two long semesters at UT Dallas, may apply for Service Honors.

The Dean of Undergraduate Education recognizes students who qualify for Service Honors annually at the spring Honors Convocation ceremony. While this recognition is not noted on an official transcript, students are encouraged to include this honor on their resumes.

All students who earn a Cumulative GPA above 3.25 and complete a total number of service hours equivalent to 40 hours/semester will receive a Service Honors medallion for Commencement.

  • Service Honors Process
  • Service Honor Eligibility

Eligible Service Opportunities

UT Dallas provides many opportunities for students to serve on campus and in the surrounding community. Listed below are opportunities for you to use when working to accumulate service hours towards VoluntTIER distinction. If you have another opportunity you would like to investigate that does not fit in one of the categories below, please email for prior approval to ensure it will count towards the VolunTIER awards.

On Campus:

  • Service events sponsored by UT Dallas student organizations
  • Service events sponsored by UT Dallas departments
  • Office of Undergraduate Education sponsored Peer to Peer service opportunities

Off Campus:

  • Volunteer hours completed at nonprofit organization or agency
  • Volunteer hours worked at a hospital or other community based entity
  • Some internship hours may be considered on a case by case basis

What is Service Matters?

During the 2014-15 year, the academic theme for the Class of 2018 was Service Matters. This theme evolved into a foundation for encouraging UT Dallas students to not only maintain academic excellence, but to also become altruistic leaders who serve their communities. The Office of Undergraduate Education believes that instilling the value of service to the community accomplishes the following goals:

  • The UT Dallas brand is synonymous with academic quality and high integrity.
  • Individuals affiliated with UT Dallas realize not only professional and intellectual success, but also the development of a complex and compassionate worldview.
  • Students attending and graduating from UT Dallas cultivate a sense of intrinsic fulfillment, coupled with the extrinsic impact of helping others.
  • UT Dallas faculty and staff mobilize and engage in service efforts to positively impact the campus culture.

In addition to the VolunTIER program, Service Matters components include freshman readers, University Convocation ceremony, fall freshman seminar course, campus-wide service events, and integration of the theme into academic coursework. The ultimate goal is to incorporate the theme and ideology into the everyday vernacular of the UT Dallas environment.

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