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Transferring Cambridge Assessment (CA) Credit

Petitioning examination of credit is recommended to be completed within the student's first term at UT Dallas, but not later than the first day of the student's graduating term. A first-year student must weigh the advantages of accepting college credit through examinations against the possible impact such credit might have on tuition rebate eligibility and their readiness for subsequent courses in an academic sequence. UT Dallas must receive an official score report from the testing agency that provided the examination. UT Dallas does not accept examination credit from other higher education institutions' transcripts. As credit is petitioned after admission, credit by examination is not considered as part of an applicant's transferable GPA or transfer hours for admissions.

CA Exam Level Grade of C Grade of B Grade of A
Biology A BIOL 2311/2111 BIOL 2311/2111
BIOL 2312/2112
Business A IMS 3310 IMS 3310
Chemistry A CHEM 1311/1111 CHEM 1311/1111
CHEM 1312/1112
Computer Science A CS 1200 CS 1200 CS 1200
Economics AS ECON 2301 ECON 2301
Economics A ECON 2301
ECON 2302
ECON 2301
ECON 2302
Environmental Management AS GEOG 2302
GEOS 2302
ENVR 2302
GEOG 2302
GEOS 2302
ENVR 2302
Mathematics A MATH 1325 MATH 1325
MATH 1326
Physics A PHYS 2325/2125
PHYS 2326/2126
PHYS 2325/2125
PHYS 2326/2126
Psychology A PSY 2301 PSY 2301

Last Updated August 21, 2023