UT Dallas Undergraduate Advising

Student Outreach and Academic Retention (SOAR)

The Student Outreach and Academic Retention (SOAR) office is dedicated to providing academic advising to students who are at-risk for Academic Suspension and students who have not met the requirements for their Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES). Students not in good academic standing or have not met their AES scholarship requirements are required to meet with a SOAR advisor and follow a prescribed advising plan. The individualized plan will be designed to help each student improve their academic standing by addressing their specific needs including but not limited to study skills, time management skills, personal issues, and appropriate campus office referrals. SOAR office advising is available to all students, though not required of students in good standing.

SOAR works in conjunction with other offices on campus including the Student Success Center and Academic Excellence Scholarship Office.

Contacting SOAR

Student Outreach and Academic Retention is located in the McDermott Library (MC 1.312) and is open during the following hours: Monday - Friday 8-5

Additional Information

For information regarding probation requirements in the current catalog, please visit:

For information about Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES) please visit: