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What is Developmental Education at UT Dallas?

Students who are required to take the TSI Assessment and do not score at the college readiness levels will be required to register for Developmental Education courses for all areas in which they did not achieve the stated cut-score. Their enrollment in Developmental Education is required during the first semester of attendance. If UT Dallas does not offer Developmental Education courses in the semester the student registers then the student is required to register for Developmental Education at a local community college. Students must work with their UT Dallas School academic advisor and the UT Dallas TSI coordinator to ensure they are properly enrolled in courses at UT Dallas as well as Developmental Education courses at a local community college. If at any time during the semester a student is in violation of this policy, the student may be dropped from their UTD course(s).

Placement and Enrollment into Developmental Education

UT Dallas recommends that students enroll in Developmental Education courses at Richland College, with whom UT Dallas has a collaborative relationship. UT Dallas has an information sharing agreement with Richland College that makes it easier to track and verify student enrollment and course completion. However, students may enroll in Developmental Education courses at another local community college. Students should discuss this with their UT Dallas School academic advisor and the UT Dallas TSI coordinator. Students are required to successfully complete the developmental coursework sequence at the community college to become TSI complete. A student can only become TSI complete if they have completed the highest level of the developmental education coursework at the community college or until they reach the college-ready standard on the TSI Assessment.

Participation and Attendance in Developmental Education

For students attending Richland College, attendance and continuing registration information is provided to UT Dallas by Richland College. For students attending other local community colleges, the student is responsible for regularly providing the UT Dallas TSI Coordinator proof of continued enrollment throughout the semester. Students must adhere to the policies and the procedures of the community college in regards to registration, attendance, course requirements, etc. Students who are required to be in Developmental Education for TSI purposes may not drop a developmental course unless they reach a college-ready score on the TSI Assessment, examination, become TSI exempt through alternative means, or withdraw from all university courses for the semester. All drop forms are to be signed by the Office of Undergraduate Education.

UTD TSI Coordinator
Amanda Montgomery
McDermott Library MC1.312
(972) 883-2702

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