The Office of Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Advisor of the Year Award

Nominations for the Undergraduate Advisor of the Year close on March 5, 2021.
Click here to nominate an advisor.


To recognize an undergraduate academic advisor who demonstrates outstanding performance and dedication in advising undergraduate students.


Nominee must be a full-time undergraduate academic advisor within either one of the eight schools or the Office of Undergraduate Education. Must be employed as a professional academic advisor for at least two years at UT Dallas (start date prior to January 1, 2019).

Guidelines for Submitting a Nomination

  • The deadline for submitting nominations is March 5, 2021. Nominations must be submitted electronically. Click here to nominate an advisor.
  • Faculty, staff and students are eligible to nominate an Undergraduate Academic Advisor; self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Only individual nominations will be accepted; no group nominations.
  • Individuals who received an advising award within the last three years are not eligible.
  • Current Selection Committee Award members are not eligible to submit a nomination.
  • Any questions can be directed to John Jackson via email at


  • Displays a welcoming, caring and helpful demeanor
  • Demonstrates knowledge of institutional policies and procedures
  • Demonstrates knowledge of degree plan(s) and specific school/department policies
  • Connects students to campus resources
  • Engages in student advocacy
  • Assists students in setting academic goals in connection with future career objectives; monitors student progress
  • Helps students identify and plan their course of study

Nominees for 2020-2021

Sydney Taylor - AH
Alejandra (Alex) Gutierrez - ATEC
Kelley Henderson - ATEC
Jess Khachiyants - ATEC
Bonnie Dougherty - BBS
Kathleen Ritchie - BBS
Crystal Favors - ECS
Shae Mann - ECS
Whitney Sharman - ECS
Lynne Boyer - EPPS
Laura Wey - IS
Melissa Bresnahan - JSOM
Meagan Julian - JSOM
Laura Krietemeyer - JSOM
Chien Paden - JSOM
Kali Cagnolatti - NSM
Linda Elgin - NSM
Jennifer Meedel - NSM
Kameron Svoboda - NSM
Rick Treter - NSM
Allie Valenzuela - NSM
Hailey King - NSM
Eric Welgehausen - Undeclared
Shirley Anderson - Health Professions
Jeanna Kirk - Health Professions
Ricardo Garza - Health Professions
Thuy Luong - Health Professions
Jamar Blackmon - SOAR
Tonya Carroll - SOAR
Artiste McClellan - SOAR