The Office of Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Advisor of the Year Award

Nominations for the 2021-2022 Undergraduate Advisor of the Year have closed.


To recognize an undergraduate academic advisor who demonstrates outstanding performance and dedication in advising undergraduate students.


Nominee must be a full-time undergraduate academic advisor within either one of the seven schools or the Office of Undergraduate Education. Must be employed as a professional academic advisor for at least two years at UT Dallas (start date prior to January 1, 2020).

Guidelines for Submitting a Nomination

  • The deadline for submitting nominations is March 31, 2022. Nominations must be submitted electronically. Click here to nominate an advisor.
  • Faculty, staff and students are eligible to nominate an Undergraduate Academic Advisor; self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Only individual nominations will be accepted; no group nominations.
  • Individuals who received an advising award within the last three years are not eligible.
  • Current Selection Committee Award members are not eligible to submit a nomination.
  • Any questions can be directed to John Jackson via email at


  • Displays a welcoming, caring and helpful demeanor
  • Demonstrates knowledge of institutional policies and procedures
  • Demonstrates knowledge of degree plan(s) and specific school/department policies
  • Connects students to campus resources
  • Engages in student advocacy
  • Assists students in setting academic goals in connection with future career objectives; monitors student progress
  • Helps students identify and plan their course of study

Nominees for 2021-2022

Alejandra (Alex) Gutierrez - ATEC
Kelley Henderson - ATEC
Courtney Milavec - ATEC
Catherine Boynton - BBS
Crystal Favors - ECS
Shae Mann - ECS
Whitney Sharman – ECS
Marissa Tornakian – ECS
Nasreen Hasan - ECS
Malinda Hicks - EPPS
Laura Wey – IS
Sydney Higar - IS
Melissa Bresnahan - JSOM
Meagan Julian - JSOM
Edisa Saracevic - JSOM
Chien Paden - JSOM
Linda Elgin - NSM
Jennifer Meedel - NSM
Kameron Svoboda - NSM
Rick Treter - NSM
Allie Valenzuela - NSM
Hailey King - NSM
Eric Welgehausen - Undeclared
Shirley Anderson - Health Professions
Jeanna Kirk - Health Professions
Ricardo Garza - Health Professions
Thuy Luong - Health Professions
Jamar Blackmon - SOAR
Tonya Carroll - SOAR
Artiste McClellan – SOAR
Galina Pegues – SOAR